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Why do we see colors with our eyes closed? 

Which foods are good for the eyes?

How do the eyes develop in infants?


Blue Light: 

Many studies have proven that blue light from our electronic screens and environmental lighting are known to replicate natural sunlight which can disrupt our natural sleep patterns as it tricks our brain into thinking it's always day time even after the sun has gone down.

Blue light also has been linked to digital eye strain. Working or staring at the computer screen for 6+ hours a day can make your eyes tired. The blue light making your brain think it needs to be awake, and a slower blink time from focusing can cause the eyes to feel tired and a little dry by the end of the day.

If your current pair of glasses doesn't have a blue light blocking anti-reflective coating, try this free to download software! F.lux!

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Kid's Corner​

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Dry Eye:Is a common condition in which a person doesn't produce enough quality or nourishing tears.

​One of a few at home things you can do to help with dry-eye is taking omega-3 fatty acids aka fish oil. There are many medicinal benefits of taking fish oil, one of them being an improved tear film. Want to know more? Read this!

Suffering from Dry Eye? Take this questionnaire and bring in a copy to your next eye exam!