Soft Contact Lenses

   Daily Disposables: These are lenses that are meant to be thrown away after a single day of wear. Studies have shown that these lenses are the most hygienic and best for your overall eye health. They come in sphere, toric and multi-focal powers.

   Bi-weekly Wear: These lenses are meant to be worn for the span of two weeks but should be removed every night. Unless prescribed by the doctor and approved by the FDA all contact lenses should be removed before sleep.

   Monthly Wear: Monthly lenses are similar to bi-weekly lenses in that they are made to be worn for a longer span of time, but just like bi-weekly lenses, monthly lenses should be removed every night to avoid medical complications.

   High Astigmatism: Also known as toric lenses, are harder to fit due to the nature of the prescription. These can take longer to fit and have a longer adjustment period.

   Multi-Focal: Are meant for those who need extra help with reading but do not want to carry/wear readers. These won't work for everyone but multi-focals are fast becoming a popular replacement for over the counter readers for current contact lens wearers. 

Dr. Kimberly Schmidt has a particular interest in "challenging" contact lens fits. From soft contacts to specialty hard lenses, we are happy to take the time to fulfill all your contact lens needs.

Dr. Schmidt gives continuing education lectures to her optometric colleagues on the importance of specialty contact lens fits. Her mentality is that everyone can try contact lenses once!

Schmidt EyeCare continues to help furtue generations through green practices by making recycling a big part of our mission. With the help of Bausch and Lomb through Terracycle, we recycle all parts of contact lens packaging as well as the contacts themselves. This helps save the plastics from ending up in landfills and the water. Learn more by clicking here.

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Have you heard about whats new in contacts? After the last 20 years, new technology is coming out in contacts. Transitions! To read more about it click the link below, to hear Dr. Schmidt's thoughts on this new, ground breaking technology follow the link here!

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses 

   Also known as hard contacts or RGP's, these are custom made lenses. They are an updated version of the original contacts and are known for their customizable optics, long-term wear, and being the most oxygen permeable. These contacts have the longest adjustment period and take the longest to be fitted. They have been known to help patients with Keratoconus.

Scleral Lenses

​   Scleral lenses have the longest history out of all the types of contacts. These are large-diameter gas permeable contacts which are great for those with not just keratoconus but other corneal irregularities and dry eye. They have been known for promoting healing of the ocular surface as well.

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